PeaceQuest International

Imagine a world where every interest is legitimate, just because it is, but where the status quo also is legitimate, just because it is.

In such a world, information and contact brokerage becomes the only ways of achieving change, and every change will have to benefit enough parties to enforce it. This is the world in which Peacequest International (PQI) has chosen to exist.

It is obviously not our world. In our world we have to deal with that violence and thievery are alternative routes to achieve what we desire. However, we have found that by pretending that we live in the PQI world, we get greater results.

PQI is both a lobbygroup and an information and contacts broker, with an ideological commitment to Peace, Concord and Liberty, tempered with an acceptance of the legitimacy of status quo. We do both pro-bono and consultation work.

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Truls Ljungström, secretery general.