Myanmar (Burma)

PeaceQuest International, PQI, is planning to run a development project together with partner organization Burmese Womens Union BWU in Burma. The objective of the planned project is to strengthen women’s participation in the democratic movement of Burma. The target group is women and adolescent girls in three regions in Burma where BWU is located. Activities will be focused on education and training. The result of the project is that groups of young women will have increased knowledge about gender equality, womens rights and democracy and will thereby have an important role in the democratic development of the Burmese civil society. BWU and PQI will plan and design the project and following points of interest will be in focus; identify location, identify target group, identify relevant method, identify resource persons, identify potential participation of other NGOs in the region and identify models for monitoring.

Aims and Objective:

 To empower the status of women of Burma

 To efficiently increase the contribution of women in the struggle for

democracy and human rights and establishment of a genuine democratic federal


 To advocate for a the acceptance and exercise of women rights in Burmese

society according to the standard recognized internationally

 To use women’s capacity to establish stable peace and long term

development in the society in future Burma.


The PQI and BWU partner relation

BWU and PQI is having a partner relation since 2011. The two organization’s have in

common similar experience in the work of promote peace, human rights and

PQI has years of experience from engagements in peace and democracy building. The

regular work of PQI is usually based on facilitation of workshops. PQI will coordinate the

project and be a resource in facilitation of seminars and workshops. Our experiences will

be shared as well as PQI will share the experience of the participants.



In order to get involved please contact office