Lets go to Brussels

Four intensive days. We fly there day one, and come back to the Swedish airport of your choice day four. We will meet members of the EU-parliament and staff members at the Commission and the Council, NGO-representatives and others. To find out! To discuss!


This is our Brussels Study Programme Committee:● Patricia Ivars, lawyer from Colombia, worked in New York, lives in Stockholm, also speaks Spanish, 0738-55 31 17● Seval Mert, civil engineer from Kurdistan, lives in Sollentuna, toured herself with PQI to Brussels in 2002, also speaks Turkish and Kurdish, 0705-09 22 40

● Tajdar Aziz, educator from Pakistan, lives in Tierp and now works in Uppsala as Secretary General for PeaceQuest International, also speaks Urdu, 0762-50 41 93


We certainly have many issues to discuss in Brussels. Each participant will present her or his own questions or comments (in English or Swedish) to the politicians and experts we will meet:

The roles of the Commission, the Council, the Parliament and the Court – which are they?

How is the European Union organized?

How influential are the many lobbyists?

What will the EU look like in 2020 and 2040?

Why cannot rich Europe help people in Syria to find peace?

How does the EU affect central and local government in Sweden?

Does Sweden always have to follow the intentions of the Commission?

What is it like to be a member of the European Parliament?

Who are the Swedes working for the EU?

… and your own questions? We will try to include them in our itinerary & agenda.


We are now planning our tours 2013/2014 in Brussels to look for answers and ideas. Sweden and Europe needs to do better! But how? Interested to go with us to “the capital of Europe”?
Dates 2014: 1-4 September, 1-4 October, 1-4 November.

Fee 4000 SEK, including flights and accommodation.

Send us payment! Send us an SMS! Or e-mail! When can you go?