In the Blue Nile State (BNS), Sudan, women have been considerably affected by the civil war. At the same time and due to traditional and cultural factors, politics and decision making processes in the BNS are historically restricted to men. PeaceQuest International (PQI) is conducting this project in collaboration with Babekir Bedri Scientific Association For Women Studies (BBSAWS), a local civil organisation in the BNS. The project aims to include and empower women to play a leading role in the democratic transformation and the development process in the BNS. The project also aims to promote and encourage women to participate in order to promote human rights, democracy, health and gender equality. The project begins with an exploratory pilot study.


Specific objectives

The specific objectives of this exploratory pilot study are:

(i) How to include women to be part of the political transformation in the MNS. enhanceequality and relations in regard to natural resource management;

(ii) How PQI and BBSOFW as a local partner can collaborate to affect positively gender roles and relations to use land and forest resources at household and community levels in a way that contribute to sustainable peace;

(iii) To discuss with local partner members how access to control and use of land and forest resources affect the livelihoods of women and men;

(iv) See how women and men could be integrated into sustainable management of natural resources, based on their roles, relations and needs;

(v) To identify the practical and strategic needs of different gender groups in relation to access, control and use regarding these natural resources; and

(vi) how PQI and the local partner can collaborate to build local capacity regarding ways in which gender issues and considerations could be mainstreamed into local national resource management (NRM) and development activities.



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