• 1 Aims: PEACEQUEST International is a politically and religiously non-partisan association for women and men who want to promote the vision of peace, democracy and humanism. The association wants to further unity, participation and quality of life for humans in all communities and countries through studies, dissemination of information, opinion formation, international co-operation and other activities. The association works locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


  • 2 Membership: Every individual person or organization wanting to further the aims of the association is invited to become a member. Members can locally, regionally, nationally or internationally co-operate in interest groups, networks, committees or sections. The board is responsible that a membership directory is kept. Member is anyone registered in the directory. A member who works against the aims of the association can be expelled by the board of directors.


  • 3 Annual General Meeting: The highest decision making body is the annual general meeting, which is held at a time, location and manner as decided by the board. The annual general meeting appoints a board of directors and auditors and deals with reports and proposals from the board of directors and members. Invitation to the annual general meeting is issued as the board of directors decides. Each present member has proposal and votings rights. Moreover proposal and voting rights can be exercised through electronic media or in other manners according to decisions by the board of directors.

An extraordinary annual general meeting is to be held if so decided by the board of directors or if at least twenty members so request.


  • 4 Board of directors: The activities of the association is co-ordinated by a board of directors, consisting of at least seven directors. The board of directors can within or outside itself appoint special functionaries, a managing committee or other committees. The seat of the board of directors is Stockholm, Sweden.


  • 5 Signature of the firm: The signature of the firm of the association is signed as decided by the annual general meeting or the board.


  • 6 The accounts and audit: The accounts of the association is carried per calender year and controlled by two auditors, of which one should be a professional auditor. The auditors should present an auditor’s report for acceptance by the annual general meeting.


  • 7 Changes in the constitution. The constitution can be changed by a decision of the annual general meeting with at least a two thirds majority.


  • 8 Dissolution: The association can be dissolved by a decision of the annual general meeting with at least a two thirds majority. If, however, at least ten members wish to continue the activities of the association should that so be. If the association is dissolved, the remaining assets should be handed over to purposes closely consonant with the aims of the association.