About Us

Imagine a world where every war is an exception rather than the rule, because peoples preferred to create a positive world, not to destroy others because we are told they are different and not like us, where dialogue and interaction replace fear and fighting on the basis of perceived and projected differences of religion, race, politics and culture.

Differences do exist in our world, but rather than use them as a basis for division and conflict, we should use them as a basis for dialogue and understanding, even if we ultimately do not agree with each other. The point is, it is in all of our best interests to understand each other, lest another global war consume further generations of citizens in the name of a facade of values and norms that mask the barbarity and senseless nature of such wars.

In such a world, information and contact brokerage becomes the only ways of achieving change, and every change will have to benefit enough parties to will it. Knowledge, understanding and physical interaction is our best weapon against manipulation, deception and the dividing of the planet into warring groups. This is the world in which Peacequest International (PQI) has chosen to work towards.

It is obviously not our world we are merely caretakers for future generations to come. In our current world we have to deal with and navigate the use of manipulation and deception by groups and individuals that claim to represent our interests, yet have led us to an era of continuous war and propaganda on a truly Orwellian scale. However, we have found that by towards an ideal vision of a PQI world, we get better and more sustainable results for all.

PQI is both as a bridge between people and ideas is a lobbygroup and an information and contacts broker, with a passionate commitment to Peace, Concord and Liberty, tempered with an acceptance of the legitimacy of status quo. We do both pro-bono and consultation work.

Please email us, at Info@Peacequest.eu.


Greg Simons, Chairman