About PeaceQuest

Imagine a world where every interest is accepted as valid, simply because it exists, while all parties respect the status quo as valid, simply because it is.

In this world any change can only appear through the identification of agreements, or the advancement of one interest in exchange for help in advancing another. The most important good is the information necessary to identify a potential partner or common interest. The most important activity of politics becomes that of brokering, and finding the common interest. States become irrelevant, other than as vehicles for interests.

This is the world peacequest lives and operates in. It is not quite the same as the outer world, where violence and fear are accepted methods of changing the status quo, among nations if not among citizens. However there are striking similarities.

PQI have found that by assuming the principles of this pareto-optimal view of justice, we can interact with any party, on their premises, while advancing our own ideals of peace, liberty and concord.

Our offer to you is to join, or hire, us to mediate your conflicts and educate you and your friends.

Peacequest strives to have three parallel projects at all time, identified as the parts of a tree; the roots (problem-solving, education, trust-building), the stem (contact building, mediation, facilitation), and the fruit (trade, mass circulation). We welcome your contact.

Truls Ljungström, Secretary general, 151008